How to choose a trainer for the home

How to choose a trainer for the home, and what are they?

We all want to be athletic and toned. To obtain perfect figure possible only by means of practice. However, not everyone has the opportunity to regularly go to the gym. For some it is too expensive, someone is not enough time, and some are just too shy to do in front of dozens of other people. And then the thought arises: “whether to buy the home trainer?”.

However, to choose the equipment for home is not easy. In the fitness club are dozens of machines, and we only need one ideally suited to certain tasks. The wrong trainer will quickly turn into a clothes hanger and will

only clutter the apartment, without bringing any benefit. So before you buy a trainer, you need to understand what they are.

Types of home exercise equipment

First we need to decide for what purpose you need a home trainer. What kind of results you want to achieve? They dream to lose weight, others to give your muscles relief, others to boost endurance and tone. From what goals you set for yourself, depends on the choice of the simulator. Exercise equipment for the home are divided into several types. Especially prevalent power, elliptical and multifunction home fitness equipment.

Elliptical home fitness equipment.

Elliptical trainer – this is a hybrid exercise bike and stepper. He refers to the cardio equipment and is intended primarily for training and strengthening the cardiovascular system. However, training on the elliptical trainer benefit not only to the heart. It helps to pump up the buttocks and calf muscles, to give the legs a nice shape, develop good posture. Sessions on the elliptical trainer favorably affect joint function. And, finally, training on the elliptical trainer – best way to lose weight.

A great advantage of home exercise equipment of this type is the absence of contraindications to practice on them.

They are suitable for older people, and those who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system. The main thing – to choose the appropriate mode and to constantly monitor the heart rate. To do this on the elliptical exercise equipment has a sensor clip that attaches to the earlobe. In some models the sensor is built into the handle of the simulator.

Power home equipment

The weights are designed to train individual muscle groups and build muscle. Homemade weights differ from professional compactness and versatility. Weight power plates or disks they rarely exceed 100 kg, and most often it is about 50 kg, which is sufficient for training.

Homemade strength training equipment should be durable and resistant, so special attention should be paid to the material of the frame – it is best if it is made of sheet steel. The cables must also be made of steel, with a protective nylon sheath. And especially important ergonomic design – simply put, the trainer should be comfortable, the cargo must be easily removable and installed, besides the trainer should simply be transformed to transition from one exercise to another.

Multifunctional home fitness equipment.

As the name implies, this type of exercise equipment is designed for a variety of exercises. Home multifunctional complex is a small personal gym. Depending on the model, it may include a treadmill, rowing machine, exercise bike, various free weights and more.

Multifunction treadmill for those who want not only to lose weight, but to train the heart and pump up the muscles.

It is also good for families where everyone wants to play sports. For example, a teenage son can use it to develop muscles, daddy – to strengthen the cardiovascular system, daughter – rock press, and mom – to lose weight. Many models are equipped with displays showing the time of exercise, average heart rate, calories burned and some other parameters.

What to consider when choosing a home trainer?

So, you have decided on the type of trainer. But before buying you need to consider several aspects.

Don’t forget that exercise should be fun. And if you can’t stand to climb the stair – stepper you to anything. But those who love Jogging, treadmill will be very useful. Sports and so require will power, so it’s best to choose a home trainer, which will be a pleasure to train.

Before heading to the store to buy a treadmill for home, you need to think where you put it. Pantry or stuffy dusty corner between cabinets is an extremely unlikely place for trainer. During the lessons needed fresh air, so near the trainer must be a window or air conditioning. The trainer should stand where there is no obstacle to do – on the balcony (if insulated) or in the bedroom, but not in the kitchen and not in the living room. After you have selected a location, carefully measure it and estimate the size of future purchase. The simulator cannot “squeeze” between other pieces of furniture – you should have enough space to practice.

Finally, decide on a budget. If it is small, ask yourself what features you are willing to give up? Better to buy a simple and high-quality simulator, the multi-functional model of an unknown manufacturer.

Where to buy a treadmill for home?

In essence, the simulator is no different from any other technique, and it is necessary to present the same requirements. Home trainer should be compact, practical, comfortable and high quality. Therefore to buy equipment better in large stores who can give a guarantee on their goods. Well, if the seller has a website – in this case, you can view the catalog and select a few models, it will save time in the store. And, of course, an important good reputation of the company.

The CYBEX Corporation. which almost 40 years, develops, manufactures and sells exercise equipment, long recognized as one of the world leaders in this field. All the trainers that are manufactured under the brand name CYBEX, made in the USA. These trainers successfully combine functionality, quality, reliability and design. Every trainer CYBEX warranty. In addition, the company provides maintenance services of sports equipment. But the best recommendation is the recognition of professionals. The most famous clubs in the world – GOLD’S GYM, World Class, Planet Fitness, N-Ergo and many others – prefer the trainers of this brand.

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