The habit of exercise

How to force yourself to do sports or to develop a habit to train.

In my Luggage has 15 years of experience of various kinds of workouts, from athletics and bodybuilding, to contact sports which I did for years. Many tens full of programs proven to me personally and also tested my friends with different results gives me confidence to write recommendations, but I also desire to share my personal method of forming a resistant habit to different workouts and exercises. I do not claim the uniqueness of his method, as it is a common truth which everyone knows. We can say that this quintessence with 15 years of exposure, which will help you achieve Your physical goals.

You tried many times to force myself to exercise. Every time You looked at your skinny or overly chubby body, and I caught myself thinking that with the need to do something. Various ways were motivated to start training from Monday, Friday and purchased a variety of accessories, fitness equipment, sports wear for Jogging, gym, swimming. Bought a subscription to a gym, swimming pool, gym or yoga. Has secured the support of friends, a few weeks later, who had no desire to continue to support you. And after some time, when You were alone with yourself, You come out of struggle.

Yes, I know, this always happens. I’ve been through this many times, seen many, many times as my friends were throwing sports activities, even as those that have the best in life this has happened, and who liked to do sport. I know whereof I speak and understand You. At such moments there are questions. Why some people do not throw your workout, while others stop just starting? The secret of these people? Many are inclined to believe that such people have iron willpower, they are motivated and disciplined, but I want to assure You that it is not. Discipline and willpower only work in the short term.

In the long term, you must develop the habit and exercise habits. That’s the secret. The method I would suggest You will help to train Your habit to exercise at home, going to the gym or to take a morning/evening runs systematically and periodically.

1. Set a goal. To do this, answer this simple question. What you want to achieve?

To reduce weight?

To increase muscle mass?

Become stronger?

To become fitter?

Become faster?

The same exercise can be used in different ways: TDS the development of endurance, strength, speed, weight reduction or weight. But before you begin you must set a goal. What you want to achieve with training?

I want to warn You from setting multiple targets, as do most young guys. Their goal looks something like this “I Want to be tough and strong and fast, to gain muscle mass and lose a little weight”. I am not exaggerating, it is the goal of most people who think to change your body. So, what would the result was long term – do Not put ourselves more than 1 goal. Only when you reach her, you can start setting other goals.

2. Set clear deadlines for your goals. The second step is to put a precise date to which your goal is to be achieved. You have to make a poster, a sticker on the monitor, a reminder in the phone on which to draw/write the goal and the date by which it should be achieved. At this stage I want to warn You from sky-high goals in unrealistic deadlines. For example, to lose more than 5-7 pounds in a month, just not really how to gain muscle mass(I mean muscle, not fat) more of the same 5-7 pounds for the same period of time – anything above these levels — it’s either a severe blow to Your body and organs, or the use of chemical drugs, which I do not advise to use for a number of reasons. Don’t know what metrics to put a deadline set number of workouts which You must make by its due date, it will give You even more motivation. After that You’ll be able to put more quality goal, with a real term.

The best place for Your poster or reminder — this place before bed, morning waking up You’ll see your target and date, as well as in the evening before going to bed. In this case, it — a kind of affirmation.

3. Write the plan. Having the goal and the timeframe for its achievement, You must write a plan of action.

What workout program should You use?

Many approaches and repetitions you need to do exercises?

How many workouts per week You will?

All workouts will be the same or will You vary the strength, anaerobic and other?

Are you going to work with weights, at the gym or it would be no additional weights?

Time You will always be customized. You should use every minute of your workouts to achieve your goal. So choose the program which you to this goal will lead without losing precious time. Sometimes it is difficult to determine the program immediately, or may require the assistance of a qualified professional, do not hesitate to contact them. To seek the advice of experienced will save you a lot of time and work in idle. Best to start with physical exercise, if You never had to deal with sports, because You need to strengthen the ligaments, and to accustom the muscles to the loads that they will experience in the future.

4. Plan on exercising in the morning. After a busy day’s work very hard to force myself to train, to go to the gym or an evening jog. For productivity plan your workout the morning before work about in this manner:

Wake up early in the morning,

Be sure to be precise and more useful,

Everything you need to cook in the evening

Feel free to go to the gym.

At the end of the training, You’ll be closer to your goal than ever. And ahead of You the whole working day, but most importantly, You will start with the first step to achieving your goal. This should not just to motivate, but to inspire hope in what You do.

5. Stick to your plan. I have experienced many times. In the days of greatest productivity, You don’t notice as flying training, the intensity, which is over 200%. But there are days when Your mind is ready to go, but the body arranges a real sabotage. You should know that in such moments you need to force yourself to go according to the plan to the target. Grab yourself by the collar and literally’d get yourself to the gym or the street. Do not carry the training, do not give in-that is the essence. The habit you need to train harder to develop than to do the training. So force yourself to start, but the intensity and productivity in such training is not so important. Importantly after identifying did it on the scheduled date, time and place and this is the victory that little, but the victory well towards Your goal.

Internal sabotage — this is the hard part, what we are going to fight, in the end, victory will be yours if You will do as I described above. The more days You train, the faster the habit develops. Hold on to your plan to accomplish it.

6. Find a training partner who’s already a habit. If a friend or partner for some reason gave up, then I can surely say. You will soon abandon.

After the failure of Your partner to exercise, force yourself to go to the gym and look around. You need to find that person who already has a trained habit to which You aspire. Just refer to this person asking to train with him. Generally, people are willing to agree, in the gym on weight training partner is always can spur greater where necessary to insure where it is possible to maintain. Even while Jogging you can accidentally stumble, to tuck the ankle that happens very often, and when You don’t have one, You have someone to rely on in such a critical situation.

A good partner in the sport is only going to increase Your motivation and success at achieving the target. Just keep looking, don’t give up.

7. Confidence. Be confident in yourself. You can achieve a lot, by any person including You, only believing in yourself that You can do it. I can tell You that having a clear goal in mind, and written training plan, only pilot Your confidence in yourself, because the purpose and the plan — this is the first step towards postavlenoe Your goals.

You should know what habit you are going to develop for 30 days , she after this deadline will push You to workout. The most common training program for weight loss or muscle gain recommend not more than 3 workouts a week, that’s a total of 12 workouts per month. Just imagine you need to train your habit 12 days. This is just 1/3 of the whole month!

Set yourself a goal, indicate the date of its achievement, write a plan, plan your classes in the morning, stick to your plan, find a training partner, and be sure that if others can do it, so You can do it too.

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