Play sports with incontinence

Play sports with incontinence

Don’t quit sports because of incontinence.

You strenuously exercise on a treadmill or stationary bike, and suddenly the surprise attack of incontinence! Slight leakage of urine when you exercise can happen with people of different ages. Quite often the incontinence symptoms appear after birth or as a result of sports injuries. In addition, some men have the problem of the normal emptying of the bladder occurs after surgery on the prostate.

“Unfortunately, people [suffering from incontinence] cease to engage in active activities for example aerobics with high load level”, said Roger Dmochowski, MD, urologist and Director Vanderbilts center in Nashville (Tennessee).

“The problem is that uncontrolled bedwetting occurs suddenly and in different volume,” he tells WebMD. – Once You can happen a slight flow of urine, and in another it may be much more abundant. That is what scares people the most.”

How to overcome incontinence?

Prefer dark clothes. Loose dark clothes perfectly suited suffering from incontinence people, especially if they use special gaskets.

Pay attention to what You drink. Incontinence should not drink caffeine-containing beverages (soda, coffee, tea). Caffeine affects the body as a diuretic, which triggers production of urine. On the other hand, it is important to drink enough liquids for normal functioning of the body.

Forget about food, seasoned with lots of spices. The spices that richly flavored dishes, for example, Mexican or Chinese cuisine, strongly irritate the bladder and exacerbate the problem of urgent incontinence. Foods with high acidity, for example, cranberry, orange juice and other beverages from citrus, also provoke irritation of the bladder and exacerbate the problem of incontinence. Try to limit their consumption and simultaneously increase the use of vegetables and foods containing fiber.

Use tampons. Women can use tampons in order to increase pressure on the urethra, which often prevents uncontrolled urination, explains Vani Dandolo, doctor of medicine, master of public health, Urogynecology Women’s University school of medicine temple in Philadelphia.– Using tampons will have a positive impact primarily on people suffering from stress incontinence resulting from physical activity,” she adds WebMD.

Try Kegel exercises. These exercises are aimed at strengthening the muscles that control bladder function. They will bring substantial investment to those suffering from incontinence. Kegel exercises help with little or average abundance of the incontinence that occurs after having children. When you perform Kegel exercises you first need to squeeze the muscles for three seconds as if You are going to make urination. Will keep the muscles tense for three seconds and then relax them. Do this exercise 8-10 times at least three trips a week. If You do not notice any change after 3-4 months, consult Your doctor. He, in turn, can send You to a physiotherapist to check whether You perform these exercises.

Use the pessary. In stress incontinence or uncontrolled urination associated with prolapse of the uterus, can successfully use Royal ring (pessary). This round object (made of silicone, rubber or plastic) inserted into the vagina to prevent incontinence. “I have patients who use Royal ring already 10-15 years, reports Dandolo WebMD. – You wear it during the day and removed at night.”

The timing of urination. At urgent incontinence should be gradually increased the interval between urinations. Schedule trips to the bathroom every two to four hours, and Your habits will control the bladder, and not Vice versa. This treatment is aimed at preventing unexpected urges to urinate and uncontrolled leakage accumulated in the bladder fluid.

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