Office charging or physical activity in the workplace

Office charging or physical activity in the workplace


For most office employees (and freelancers working at home) finding for the computer (writing) Desk within an average of 6-10 hours a day is part of everyday life. We all know that this amount of time is spent in a sitting position at the computer, not good for the body and the whole body.

It can lead to back pain (most forget to watch your posture, eye strain,

development of hemorrhoids to the other not less pleasant consequences.

The life of an office worker is subordinated to a rigid schedule in which in addition to meetings, meetings, continuous typing on the keyboard and debriefing on the “carpet” in the study guide. While health indicators do not always satisfy the employee.

Tire very different places: the shoulders become “wooden”, back ache, spine is experiencing tremendous strain from the posture of “spin the wheel”, is a stiff neck, and eyes, for a few hours covered in the monitor – and at a separate conversation. The body asks for help and the best help become easy office exercises.

How to make office work at the computer was not a “test” for your body? There are a few rules, compliance with which will improve your posture and keep healthy.

The ergonomics of the workplace and the correct fit

Before proceeding to the consideration of sets of exercises, not be amiss to recall the rules of boarding.

First, the chair (office chair) should be comfortable and to come to the table height and dimensions.

Secondly, the pose. Back straight, shoulders back and reserved a little bit ago. The upper part of the monitor should be at eye level. Now if you have to tilt your head down or lift up, the screen height should be changed. Make sure that the wrists do not lie on the keyboard or on the mouse pad (unless, of course, you of the special pad with cushion wrist). This will help you avoid tunnel syndrome (all office workers in the category of risk of this disease). Legs should be bent so that the knees were just above the hips. Feet resting on the floor or on a low special footstool.

Any workout, including office, you need to start with a warm-up. The ideal option is to climb up and down two or three floors by stairs. Good to do this every hour or two. You immediately “Wake up” sleepy from a seated position circulatory system. And along with peredohnite for a couple of minutes from the bustle of work.

The following exercises will help you get rid of stiffness and relieve fatigue “dethroning” of the muscles.


The neck is not only the spine and muscles, is the main artery that supplies nutrients to the brain and promotes the products of its life. The strain of the neck muscles leads to disruption of blood flow, and therefore, problems arise with the delivery of fresh blood, rich in oxygen and nutrients.

Put your hands behind your head, palms down, head lower so that her chin touched the sternum, gently pull your head down with your hands, hold in this position for a few seconds, feel the tension of the muscles of the back of the neck.

To stretch the neck muscles, slowly tilt your head back and forth, from side to side, turn right and left. These simple exercises can be done at any time, when you feel that it is necessary to remove fatigue and stress. After you can perform the rotation of the head, stretching the neck. First spin in a circle in one direction and then in the other side.

Attention! Never do a circular rotation of the head without a preliminary “warm up” muscles! This can lead to damage of the joints of the neck. If the doctors diagnosed you cervico-thoracic degenerative disc disease or herniated disc in the cervical spine, limit movement of the head forward and down, backward movement is contraindicated for you.

Arms and shoulders

Stretching of the arms and shoulders there are many exercises that you can do without leaving the chair. First of all, it’s all kinds of stretching.

Clasp your hands together in the castle in front of him, and then pick up over the head, straightening the elbows and “unscrewing” the palm upwards.

Raise and lower the shoulders, trying to exercise muscles, with power retracting his head into his shoulders when lifting and dropping them, aiming at the floor.

Make a circular rotation shoulders: 10 times forward 10 times ago. This will help to relieve stress. If you are not well physically prepared, then this exercise may cause you at first, even a small pain. But don’t worry: when muscles warm up, things will get better.

Another good exercise — exercise with emphasis. Lean hands on the table (on the sides, each approximately shoulder width apart from the body) and vaginitis, curled like: tilt first one shoulder to the opposite hand, then another. Springy movements try to bring your shoulders as close as possible to the table.


Regularly rotate brushes his hands around the wrists (it is advisable to do the exercise once an hour): 10 times in one direction, then 10 times the other. If you have a lot of typing on the keyboard or work with a mouse, then this rotation will be a good prevention from tunnel syndrome.


Put your hands on your hips. In turn, rotate the body left and right. Turning to one side, raise your hands to bring the blades back. Turning to another put your hands in front of him, as if hugging himself. Repeat 6-8 times.

In the original standing position, feet shoulder width apart, hands on waist, tilting the body from side to side, forward and back slightly. Stay tuned to spin at these movements remained smooth. Follow 10 tilts in each direction. You can also perform several rotations of the pelvis clockwise and counterclockwise.

Simultaneous sharp movement raise your right hand all the way up, left — down, and follow a few jerks hands with simultaneous deflection of the back. Then change hands.

Stand up, place your hands on your hips. Pull your elbows back so as to bring the blades together. Return to the starting position. Repeat this exercise 8-10 times.

Lower your arms down and raise your shoulders as high as possible. Repeat 8-10 times.


Sit on a chair. Straighten your back, straighten your shoulders and slightly squeeze your buttocks. Take a deep breath and exhale hard pull your stomach. Perform at least 50 such draws. Exercise should be performed due to the tension of the abdominal muscles. Make sure that the diaphragm is practically not raised. It is very important rhythmically inhale and exhale, so don’t hold your breath.

For the lower part of the abdomen there is the following exercise. While sitting, place your hands slightly behind him, palms forward. Connect the knees. On the exhale low lift bent legs, not forgetting to keep your back straight. Make at least 30 approaches.

Chest muscles

Noticed that over time your posture becomes sottolano, upper body leaning over the keyboard? If Yes that as soon as you notice do the following exercise.

Sit on the edge of a chair, straighten your back and brace both hands on the armrests of the chair so that your elbows and hands were on their outer surface. Now carefully squeeze the elbows, trying to pull up the armrests to yourself. Don’t overdo it, otherwise you’ll have to answer for a broken chair. Do 15-20 repetitions of this exercise, hold the tension for 5 to 6 seconds.


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