Aerobic training

Aerobic training

The effectiveness of the various habitual loads.

Let’s start with the walk. Walking is a good type of aerobic training for adaptation to strenuous physical exercises. Moreover, it is the most uncomplicated and “cheap” aerobic fitness. Half a mile to burn 100 calories. About five walking briskly for 30-45 minutes will allow You to train the body and lose a little weight.

Walking is not only simple, but also with the weights. You don’t have to switch to running, because the use of weighting increases the intensity of your workout. Walking with weights on thus the distance burns to 158 calories, while running at the same distance – only 130 calories. The weight of the weights increase gradually. Ideally, it should reach up to 10% of body weight. when walking with weights pay special attention to the joints!

Another type of walk – sports. Something between a step and Jogging, it is effectively cope with excess fat. A distinctive feature of this type of walk is that when walking, the legs do not bend at the knees. To start training race walking better with coach, so he could monitor the correct execution of the step.

Sometimes it turns out that walking is not capable of developing the required frequency of the heartbeat. Here comes the run. Increase the running speed gradually, starting with Jogging. Try every week to increase speed and distance. Add each week not less than 10% of the distance. So You will soon be able to go on normal Jogging.

Love the bike? And correctly! It will help You within an hour to burn up to 500 calories. Cycling also train Your hips and shape them a beautiful shape.

Experiment with speed: acceleration in a straight line and motion with a maximum speed of effective impact on weight loss. But do not overdo it. Between classes, bike riding should be a minimum of 1 day, so the muscles have time to rest. In addition, do not neglect safety: bright clothing and a helmet can protect you from many troubles.

One of the most enjoyable types of aerobic workouts – swimming. Learn to swim breaststroke, crawl and backstroke. These three styles will help to create a beautiful silhouette and help in the fight against cellulite. In addition, You will strengthen the cardiovascular system. Swimming lessons begin with a warm-up and do not try to swim a lot at a time for the week ahead! Swimming is particularly beneficial for people with I-shaped figures. Increase the load gradually and have fun, then the training will benefit.

There are various kinds of aerobic workouts, which are held indoors. If You are an ardent supporter of group classes, dance, step and Aqua aerobics designed specifically for You. These kind of training are offered in almost any fitness club.

The separate attention is deserved training on aerobic training.

For example, crossrobics. This machine can replace your personal trainer, aerobics. It is virtually no different from a regular stationary bike, but is equipped with an automatic computer ’s brain”, which will regulate all Your training, selecting the best options to load. Classes on such a simulator is much more interesting than normal.

Ski indoors? All things are possible! The simulator, which creates the sensation of skiing, not only effectively train lower body, but also the muscles of the arms, chest, press. On some “ski” the gym even possible imitation of the resistance of the snow! Classes on these trainers quite fascinating.

Favorites of all times and people – exercise bikes. They will help in a fairly short time to get rid of excess fat. However, if You tire of monotonous training, You’d better choose something else. Effective training on simulators depend entirely on Your correct position on it. Before class make sure to adjust the seat height. Also watch for the heart rate: it should be at 65-85% of maximum.

People with izbytochnymi weight and suffered back pain suitable “lying” stationary bikes. They do not differ in effectiveness, but help to significantly reduce the strain on the back. To pedal in half upright position is quite comfortable and unusual. Try it!

In the health club to work at the oars Very feasible thanks to the rowing machines. Such simulators have an impact on almost all muscle groups, making quite effective in the fight against excess fat. But training on this equipment is not designed for beginners – too heavy. Combine workout rowing machine with training on other machines.

Slide simulators or simulators to slide. Sliding movement in this simulator help 20% more efficient burn fats than conventional aerobic training, and 16% faster than the bike. 10 minute workout on the slide You burn 74 calories! Interesting – try it!

Great efficiency in the problem of fat burning have Steppers. These machines imitate climbs the stairs. Strengthening the muscles of the lower limbs, they also train the cardiovascular system. Beginners classes in these simulators, it is recommended to perform maintaining your heart rate at 65% of maximum, otherwise You can overload Your heart and respiratory system.

A treadmill simulates running on the street and helps to effectively spend calories and lose fat. High-intensity and high impact exercise on a treadmill load Your knees, ankles and lower back. Therefore, if You have problems in these areas, it is better to abandon the practice on this simulator.

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