Swimming during pregnancy

Swimming during pregnancy

Probably each of us knows that swimming is one of the most balanced types of physical activity, as it is perfectly safe, and thus brings the maximum benefit to the body. Practice swimming during pregnancy is known since the 80-ies of the last century. Since gynecologists are highly recommended for pregnant women include swimming and to attend special classes in Aqua aerobics. In this article we will talk about the useful benefits of swimming during pregnancy and are there any contraindications when to start doing and what precautions to follow?

The benefits of swimming during pregnancy

Swimming has many advantages, too many to mention. Offer you to get acquainted only with some of them.

Uniform load. In the water load is distributed on all muscle groups including the abdominal muscles, pelvic floor and pelvis, which is very important, as it helps to make childbirth easier and fast without complications. Obstetricians argue that mothers that with first weeks of pregnancy went to the pool, gave birth quickly, easily and without gaps.

It’s also worth noting that swimming at the same time strengthens the back muscles and relaxes them. We all know how hard it is for lower back pain during pregnancy. Very often pregnant women complain about constant pain, especially if the pregnant woman has a pathological lordosis. In water, an excessive load from the lower back is removed, and she relaxes.

Swimming is recommended for pregnant women, which posed the threat of miscarriage due to overexertion of the muscles of the abdomen. In water hypertonicity of the muscles of the stomach is removed. During pregnancy a woman can only dream to lie on your stomach and relax. Water gives you that opportunity – you can safely lay down the stomach and feel how it relaxes and seemed to hover in the air

Varicose veins and swelling. Swelling during pregnancy and varicose veins is a very common problem. Swimming allows you to get rid of these problems or at least to relieve the tension and pain.

Circulation, respiratory and cardiovascular system. First, changes in water pressure, which helps blood and lymph to circulate much faster and does not allow it to stagnate. Secondly, swimming provokes a deep breath even, thanks to which all the organs and tissues of the mother and baby are well equipped with oxygen, and the respiratory system practices, this will make it easier to transfer baby.

It is worth noting favor and diving. Rhythmic delay allows air to learn to control the process of breathing during contractions, plus the delay of trains and air of the kid who is going to experience hypoxia during the passage through the birth canal.

Immunity. Of course, on the background of physical activity, improve blood circulation and exercises the respiratory system, significantly increases the immune system. In addition, the water temperature differs from the temperature of the air, it creates its own kind of hardening.

Weight control. Pool during pregnancy allows you to control your weight and not gain extra pounds. Just one session can burn up to 650 calories.

Harmony with the baby. During the voyage the expectant mother experiencing positive emotions, relaxes and calms down. All this is conveyed to the kid, who, in turn, also feels good. In addition, according to obstetricians, swimming helps the baby to take the correct position. This is very important when placenta previa – doctors recommend pregnant swim that the baby could roll over.

The psychological factor. Swimming allows the woman to feel much more confident, because it is, in fact, control his body, feel it and learn to control it. In addition, in the pool there’s always a group of like-minded people with whom it will be pleasant to spend time, socialize and find new friends.

When can I start doing?

To start swimming, it is desirable from the very first weeks of pregnancy if there are no contraindications. Some doctors recommend starting to swim at the planning stage of pregnancy. The sooner you start to swim, the faster you will strengthen your body, prevent back problems, swelling and varicose veins, you will prepare yourself for childbirth and will be at ease during all 9 months.

There are only a few nuances. First, in the period, only occurs when the attachment of the ovum to the uterus (the first trimester), it is better to avoid heavy loads, i.e. to pay attention to the calm swimming and relaxation. Secondly, in the last trimester, you need more to focus on breathing exercises and calm swimming.

Contraindications to swimming during pregnancy

Any physical activity has its contraindications and swimming is no exception. Main causes to abandon the voyage:

– the threat of miscarriage;

– heavy vaginal discharge;

– Allergy to bleach.

In any case, the pregnant woman will be able to enter the pool only after visiting the doctor, because in the pool will definitely require the help.

In General, if the overall physical condition of a pregnant good, contraindications to diving should not be. But it is worth noting that this is a matter of individual character, and get the answer only from your doctor.

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