Happy feet how to increase stamina in running

Happy feet: how to improve endurance in running

Spring is breathing down your neck. So don’t be lazy and start the season of backyard sports . The best option is running. This will help you lose weight and improve health. But if you want to do and not to fall to the ground after the first few hundred meters, you find out how to increase endurance.

Learn to squeeze out of running not only the speed but also the distance depositphotos

The development of endurance: slow and steady wins – on going

First, always feel a ton of strength and think you can run round the whole planet. But after the first kilometer inexperienced begin to ask God for mercy in the form of a second breath, and wimps just stop. Want to stay longer on the course – go slowly and don’t rip from the start. One of the experienced canadian marathoners Craig Beesley advises:

“I started according to the following system: 30 seconds of running at maximum speed, then 4.5 seconds walking distance. One cycle was repeated eight times, three workouts per week”.

In a month will feel that the body becomes stronger. Can increase the peak load, the length of the distance or the number of cycles. And next with beginners in General will feel professional.

The development of endurance: method Bart Yasso

Bart Yasso Manager Runner’s World Race, whose name also know all the runners. Asso developed a method by which 800 meters can be cut in four minutes. His technique was followed by many marathon runners. And one of them even shared their impressions. Doug underwood says:

“Run once a week 4-5 intervals of 800 meters at a speed, which itself was aimed. Then add one interval each week until then, until the storm of all the runners of the planet”.

The development of endurance: no exhaustion

Warren Finke, the famous trainer from Portland, has developed a simple technique which helps to improve endurance while running. Its essence is that to cover the distance you need to not running out of strength. Smacked by 80% instead of 100%. Better regular running throughout distance than the jerks that are closer to the finish line will be weaker and not longer.

Proper technique helps to quickly resort to the finish line globalfit

The development of endurance: wear the Pier

Bill pierce, chair of the Department of Health at Furman University, has developed a special program under which three days a week he trains for wear, the other four to play ping-pong, is engaged in strength training or just relaxing. Thanks to this scholar-athlete in the 53 still takes part in competitions and runs a marathon (42 km) in 3 hours 10 minutes.

One day pierce runs a great distance at a slow pace. On the second day, he breaks it into segments, and the third is satisfied with tempo training. While bill works with great intensity. Due to this the risk of personal injury or stretch of the muscle is reduced in two times.

The development of endurance, plyometrics

Plyometrics and sports technique, designed to improve speed, quickness and power. It uses quick explosive movement. They help the muscles to develop the greatest force in the shortest possible period of time.

The method provided by the Dean of Drossin, one of the best female runners USA:

“Turn on in training jumps. For example, running a short and quick step for 15-20 meters. Perform 6-8 approaches 1-2 times a week. Gradually improve jumping and add new (on one or two legs, etc.)”.

We would add: to train better on dirt or in a special cross-country sneakers . So will protect the knee joints from premature wear.

Pick the right terrain for training science nationalgeographic

The development of endurance: long tempo workout

Patrick noble, military and one of the most respected runners in the USA, recommends once a week to arrange a long tempo workout, each of which increase the running time by five minutes. This helped him to participate in 50 marathons. At the same time noble never exceeded 3 hours (when cutting the 42 km). Important: after this lesson, you are required to have 1-2 days of complete rest.

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