How to make an individual training program to avoid injury

How to make an individual training program to avoid injury?

During exercise you can sometimes experience pain of varying intensity. Usually it is only evidence of the adaptation of the body to stress. But frequent relapses sharp or aching pain, and its gain can be signs of damage. In order to recover from fatigue damage or prevent it, you should evaluate your attitude to training and to determine whether you choose a source of danger for your body. Answer the following questions:

1. In good do you?

Good physical preparation will not only give you health and youthful appearance, but also help avoid damage. Especially important muscular strength and endurance . they will protect you from sprains, possible in almost any form of physical activity and especially in sports. Flexibility is the third important requirement is that helps your joints to cope with a greater range of motion than the one to which you are accustomed at home. Respiratory endurance, i.e. the body’s ability to effectively supply oxygen to working muscles, protect you from fatigue during workouts. So, if you’ve led a sedentary lifestyle, start with exercises for developing strength, flexibility and endurance.

2. How old are you?

With age most people have a slight reduction in strength, flexibility and endurance; however, regular exercise helps to counter the rise of the trauma caused by these changes. Many researchers believe that at least 50% of the losses in flexibility and endurance in age interval from 30 to 70 years are a consequence of the lack of physical activity and aging. Thus, the best way to avoid damage in Mature and old age does not consist in the refusal of employment, and in their regularity. Include in its programme of exercise that most closely involved in the form of sport you do.

3. How often do you train?

Heavy load once a week on weekends — for example, a few sets of tennis — stressing your muscles and tendons, but do nothing for their strengthening and development. These classes increase the risk of damage. Studies show that you can increase the strength and endurance of the muscles only if you train at least 3 times a week. If you want to avoid injuries while playing sports on the weekends, make for a workout program that you could perform during the week. Best of all, if you manage to include exercises to develop breath (running, swimming), as well as increase flexibility and strength, developing muscle groups involved in your Sunday sports activities.

4. Reasonable goals that you set for yourself?

Physical exercise is the safest and most versatile way to avoid stress and reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular disease. But some people manage to turn the classes in the genus of stress, increasing the risk of getting sick or getting hurt. Such people are training with the same manic, sacrificial passion that they fill all their existence, and as a result force myself to lift too much weight, run faster and swim with more energy than their body is able. Do not try to surpass yourself and everyone around you, better — gradually improve their physical fitness and slowly increase the load, especially if you started from scratch. Forcing himself to overcome the pain, you only increase the risk of damage.

5. Don’t forget about the warm-up?

Studies have shown that a thorough warm up muscles before physical activity helps protect them from damage, while arasmeta muscles are less elastic and therefore susceptible to breaks and sprains. The workout perform many, but in reality it often does not give the proper results. Before any serious training, you must first perform breathing exercises (e.g., exercise speed walking) to increase blood flow to the muscles and joints. The elasticity of the muscles increases as they napichavanie blood, so they better withstand damage.

For warming up muscles should follow stretching exercises — when done correctly, they are an excellent prevention of injuries. Inspection of a large group of runners showed that the bulk of the damage was from the muscle groups with insufficient or improper stretching. Remember that dynamic stretching, which uses the weight and momentum of the body — for example, leg swings to stretch hamstrings — can be associated with risk. Another common exercise that embraces the potential danger, — tilt the body forward with the knees locked.

Exercise should develop the elasticity of the muscles gently and gradually; they will help you and to prevent possible damage and to speed recovery.

6. Do you always pay attention to sharp and aching pain?

You certainly heard a lot about professional athletes who continue to train, regardless of the damage. However, specialists in sports medicine are convinced that to heal most of the damage needed rest. If muscle or joint ache, do not overload them. Professional athletes have come back so quickly in the sport, not because clench his teeth and ignore the pain, and thanks to the qualified supervision and early identification of damages and their subsequent treatment by the method oldp.

Back to training until the injury is fully healed, and the pain and swelling completely disappear, you will not only worsen your condition, but you risk the purchase of a violation of motor functions of the body (e.g., lameness), which will result in repeated damage or cause new ones. Stretching exercises and the development of force will accelerate your return to habitual workout and eliminate the danger of further injury.

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