Exercise and diet what can I eat after a workout

Sports and nutrition: what can I eat after a workout



If you play sports, you probably know that for the formation of a beautiful figure is important not only to appearance, regularity and intensity of your workouts, but also proper nutrition. If the daily diet is still possible to get around this: avoid late dinners, to restrict calories, etc. then the issue of nutrition after training a bit more


Let’s see what the experts say about it.

What to eat after workouts, and in General, can I eat after exercise?

On the second part of the question can be answered unequivocally: Yes, it is possible, and even necessary. Because in the process of training your body spent some amount of calories used up energy and he needed to restore power.

First meals after workouts includes a hefty dose of water . Working out in the gym, regardless of the sport you chose, you lose about a liter of fluid. This shortcoming needs to be urgently addressed. And the question is, do I need to drink water and when to drink it, not worth it. There may be absolutely calm and drink when and how much you want.

Second question: when and what to eat after exercise, involves a more detailed answer.

The fact that different types of sport on the body and act differently. Your training can be to lose weight, but maybe your primary goal is muscle gain?

Let’s look at some examples to make it clearer.

Fitness. What to eat after workouts

Fitness classes are invented just for those who are going to lose weight. Fitness — a multifaceted concept and includes various types of classes, but the main goal remains the same — improving the shape, getting rid of inventory.

Therefore, nutrition after exercise requires special attention. This is what you say about the coaches.

After workouts, you can. Best of all even with this tightening, the interval time is from 30 minutes to 2 hours . And there is a must to restore power to feed the muscles.

Ideal after a workout when you eat half of those calories from that spent in the classroom. Do not be afraid that it will prevent you to lose weight, experts believe that it is necessary and harm training will not cause. Another thing is what to eat after a workout.

As you know, our body needs proteins, fats and carbohydrates. When a full and active life, the presence of all three components necessarily, most importantly, the right to distribute them.

Most of the calories after workouts should consist of carbohydrates . that is your meal 60% should be carbohydrate. Donuts and pizza, of course, will be cancelled, but the bullseye is not limited.

To restore amiss wholegrains, about 40 grams of the total volume of food will help restore energy. If your workout was extremely intense and you practiced for about 2 hours, you can increase the serving size up to 60 grams.

Also as carbohydrates suitable fresh vegetables and fruits, salads and juices without added sugar.

Please note that the weight in grams not stated for your chosen product (whole wheat bread, for example) and to the contained carbohydrates.

Second in importance are proteins . They help to repair the muscles after heavy training. If the muscles are not in time to feed, to produce energy the body will break down muscle tissue, which we would like to avoid. Therefore after the workout you need to eat up to 15 grams of protein, this will account for approximately 25% of all calories.

Not prohibited after a workout and fats . but here we must be very careful. The maximum amount of calories — less than 15%, i.e. up to 10 grams.

If you are interested in a particular food menu after training, you can use these examples:

the portion of natural yoghurt with fruit

a glass of fruit juice and a slice of cheese

bean curd with shrimp

pita bread and scrambled eggs and vegetables

a serving of cereal with milk

Don’t forget about sports nutrition, we have a special drinks . which contain essential nutrients and is recommended for after exercise.

Power sports. What to eat after workouts

Many women nowadays prefer training like everyone else. Main goal — to improve the shape by increasing and competent distribution of muscle mass. Workout in the gym, in particular bodybuilding, require a slightly different approach to the question of food after training.

First, there after training not just permitted, but strongly encouraged within 20 minutes . And at first you want to focus on carbohydrates . Primarily healthy juices with a high glycemic index (grape, cranberry) they need to drink in such quantity that for every kilogram of your ideal body weight had 1 gram of carbohydrates.

Also from carbohydrate food after your workout you need to eat foods without fat. It may be rice or potatoes, jams and preserves, bread, fresh fruit and vegetables and the like.

Another important component of ” proteins . Proteins are better to eat eggs and other protein foods, ideally — from a special protein shakes.

But the fat you don’t need at all . should be discontinued.

The trainers sport I advise you not to delay eating after a workout, delayed 2 hours negate your daily efforts. Why such haste?

The fact is that for the first time after workouts (from 20 minutes to an hour) opens a so-called anabolic window when eaten all the carbs and proteins go directly to the destination, namely, to increase muscle mass.

We have considered the question of whether to eat after workout for example, two basic types of practice. But there are other, and in each case may have its own rules and nuances . This question is better to check with the coach and, of course, to adhere to his advice.

We will be interested, what kind of sports you are doing, and what are the rules about what can I eat after a workout, you have to comply with.

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