To whom it is useful to practice yoga

Who is helpful to do yoga? System analysis

When I was a teenager, my mother enrolled me in a new and strange for our city thing aerobics. The practice, clothing, coach and dealing (leotards, short top and white sneakers), sports equipment (step-platforms, multi-colored dumbbell, hoops and harnesses) breezed inostranshchinoj, fashionable and colorful.

Today, coming to the fitness club, we used nothing surprising. New classes in pilage? How lovely! Zumba? Excellent! BAMS fitness? Port de bras? Tae-Bo? Wonderful! All try, write!

However, despite this diversity and wide choice of fitness classes, I am continually drawn to the mysterious and meditative yoga hall, which not accidentally located on the top floor of the building in the attic Continue reading

Why you should start doing fitness

Why you should start doing fitness?

Fitness classes

An ancient Chinese proverb says: journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Fitness the first step is always the motivation. And if all of us enough to come to the gym one time — at least out of curiosity, — it is already the second visit, usually problems occur. It and is clear: instead of the promised “muscle of joy” after the first workout, you feel pain and aches. What kind of fitness there can be a speech. And in the end, it’s your time, your life, your membership in

the fitness club! No one will give you the “unsatisfactory” for absenteeism! So think very, very many. And as a result — stop being engaged before you have time to get involved, to experience the rush of hormones of joy and to see in the mirror the first results of the classes.

Initial motivation fitness — like the opposite sex. Most people start to be engaged in order to become the object of attention. Many inspiring examples Continue reading

Aerobic training

Aerobic training

The effectiveness of the various habitual loads.

Let’s start with the walk. Walking is a good type of aerobic training for adaptation to strenuous physical exercises. Moreover, it is the most uncomplicated and “cheap” aerobic fitness. Half a mile to burn 100 calories. About five walking briskly for 30-45 minutes will allow You to train the body and lose a little weight.

Walking is not only simple, but also with the weights. You don’t have to switch to running, because the use of weighting increases the intensity of your workout. Walking with weights on thus the distance burns to 158 calories, while running at the same distance – only 130 calories. The weight of the weights increase gradually. Ideally, it should reach up to 10% of body weight. when walking with weights pay special attention to the joints!

Another type of walk – sports. Something between a step and Jogging, it is effectively cope with excess fat. A distinctive feature of this type of walk is that when walking, the legs do not bend at the knees. To start training race walking Continue reading

How to choose a trainer for the home

Any home trainer is the most effective


Simulators are of two types: for commercial use and individual. First installed in gyms and fitness clubs, the latter are intended for home use. Among the latter there are models that are able to provide the load on all muscle groups.

Before you choose a home trainer, you need to find out for yourself what goals will be subordinated classes. Not so much: to lose weight. to build muscle and increase strength, improve the body. The second question that you need to decide what area can be allocated to the simulator. Important and the amount you are willing to spend the future owner.

For those who want to find harmony and at the same time to improve the body, the best choice – the cardiovascular equipment. They help to train the main muscle of the man ’ s heart. In addition, give a uniform charge to all systems Continue reading

The process of muscle recovery after exercise

The process of muscle recovery after exercise

During exercise at the gym, your muscles get a injury for full recovery they need 24 to 48 hours.

For this reason, these professionals are engaged through the day, giving your muscles a chance to recover. With daily workouts, the muscles will not be able to recover properly, and the body will constantly feel strained and tired. Usually fatigue in the muscles manifests itself gradually, the athlete gets used to this state and no longer feel the fatigue. But a bodybuilder reaches of very large heights. At least he will

feel that he is stronger every day, but the overall result on lifting weights will not grow, or will grow very slowly. Those athletes who need to practice every other day, giving your muscles recover, achieved much greater success compared to those who improve themselves mocks daily workouts.

How long is the recovery of the body and muscles

Continue reading

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