Exercise and diet what can I eat after a workout

Sports and nutrition: what can I eat after a workout



If you play sports, you probably know that for the formation of a beautiful figure is important not only to appearance, regularity and intensity of your workouts, but also proper nutrition. If the daily diet is still possible to get around this: avoid late dinners, to restrict calories, etc. then the issue of nutrition after training a bit more


Let’s see what the experts say about it.

What to eat after workouts, and in General, can I eat after exercise?

On the second part of the question can be answered unequivocally: Yes, it is possible, and even necessary. Because in the process of training your body spent some amount of calories used up energy and he needed to restore power.

First meals after workouts includes a hefty dose of water . Working out in the gym, regardless of the sport you chose, you lose about a liter Continue reading

How to make an individual training program to avoid injury

How to make an individual training program to avoid injury?

During exercise you can sometimes experience pain of varying intensity. Usually it is only evidence of the adaptation of the body to stress. But frequent relapses sharp or aching pain, and its gain can be signs of damage. In order to recover from fatigue damage or prevent it, you should evaluate your attitude to training and to determine whether you choose a source of danger for your body. Answer the following questions:

1. In good do you?

Good physical preparation will not only give you health and youthful appearance, but also help avoid damage. Especially important muscular strength and endurance . they will protect you from sprains, possible in almost any form of physical activity and especially in sports. Flexibility is the third important requirement is that helps your joints to cope with a greater Continue reading

Office charging or physical activity in the workplace

Office charging or physical activity in the workplace


For most office employees (and freelancers working at home) finding for the computer (writing) Desk within an average of 6-10 hours a day is part of everyday life. We all know that this amount of time is spent in a sitting position at the computer, not good for the body and the whole body.

It can lead to back pain (most forget to watch your posture, eye strain,

development of hemorrhoids to the other not less pleasant consequences.

The life of an office worker is subordinated to a rigid schedule in which in addition to meetings, meetings, continuous typing on the keyboard and debriefing on the “carpet” in the study guide. While health indicators do not always Continue reading

Characterize the role

To characterize the role of ATP and phosphocreatine in providing muscular activity.

Source of energy for muscular activity is ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

Chemical energy in the process of muscle contraction is converted into mechanical work

muscles, and during relaxation provides active transport of Ca2+ in the sarcoplasmic reticulum. A large amount of ATP is consumed in the skeletal

muscles work on Na+-K+-ATPase, which maintains a certain concentration of ions Na+ and K+ in the muscle that creates the electrochemical potential on the sarcolemma.

The ATP content in muscle is insignificant and amounts to about 5 mmol • kg”1 wet weight tissue

(0,25—0,40 %). It is maintained at a relatively constant level, as the increase in the concentration of ATP in the muscles causes inhibition of ATPase of myosin, which prevents the formation of adhesions between the actin and myosin Continue reading

Play sports with incontinence

Play sports with incontinence

Don’t quit sports because of incontinence.

You strenuously exercise on a treadmill or stationary bike, and suddenly the surprise attack of incontinence! Slight leakage of urine when you exercise can happen with people of different ages. Quite often the incontinence symptoms appear after birth or as a result of sports injuries. In addition, some men have the problem of the normal emptying of the bladder occurs after surgery on the prostate.

“Unfortunately, people [suffering from incontinence] cease to engage in active activities for example aerobics with high load level”, said Roger Dmochowski, MD, urologist and Director Vanderbilts center in Nashville (Tennessee).

“The problem is that uncontrolled bedwetting occurs suddenly Continue reading

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