Physical exercises for morning exercises

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Physical exercises for morning exercises: do exercises correctly

In a previous post it was about the health benefits of morning exercises. Will continue this topic and talk about exercise, the most suitable for morning exercises, and the selection of the optimal load.

Early morning exercise can be a bit stretch…

How to do morning exercises with the health benefits?

Physical exercise, which begins with morning exercises, should provide a minimum load on the body. You do not need to perform exercises specifically designed to stretch muscles. Stretching should be accompanied by deep inhales and exhales. You are trying to Wake up the body after a night’s sleep. Your lungs from deep breaths bring more oxygen enters the blood, the body eventually enters a state of wakefulness. Stretch by lifting the arms up and rising on his toes, taking a deep breath, and then dropping his hands through the sides down, leaning forward, taking a breath.

Then exercise becomes more active phase

You can start doing circular movements of the head. Rotation should be smooth, slow, so as not to stretch the neck muscles and do not cause discomfort. Much to tilt the head also should not be. Then move on to the circular movements of the hands, lower back, legs. First you need to knead the shoulder, elbow and carpal joints. Then perform a circular motion in the lumbar region. You can also help it bends to the sides and back — ahead.

Mash and warm up the knee and ankle joints

To do this, you can perform a circular movement of both feet in same or different directions. It is also necessary to stretch the foot, several times rising on the toes and slowly sinking every time. And then perform a circular motion in the ankle joints. Moving on to the next exercise – the squat, which must be performed slowly and smoothly. The squat should warm up the muscles of the legs, while it should not cause fatigue.

Limited power load during exercise

As strength exercises morning exercises to practice push-hands. Thus for a non-trained men during exercise can not be wrung from the floor and from the wall. In this case, the physical load on the body will not be as strong. If You are in good physical shape, morning exercises you can do with dumbbells, a small kettlebells, expanders, etc. In this case, choose exercise that again uses the maximum muscle. In any case, during the morning exercise should avoid exercise, severely overloading the body. They will lead to fatigue of the body, but there is still a working day. In addition, heavy exercise will increase blood circulation, raise blood pressure, which is also in the morning hours is not desirable. Morning exercises should include mostly physical exercises that will stretch the entire body, and not focus on the training of individual muscle groups. For example, a good option is the morning ride.

More fresh air while exercising

It is advisable to go for a jog or riding a bike away from busy roads, to avoid the inhalation of harmful vehicle exhaust. Morning exercises performed outdoors, is much more useful and is more refreshing, invigorating effect. But if the weather does not allow to go outside, then you can do physical exercises on the balcony or in the room with the window cracked open.

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