Chinese breathing exercises

Breathing exercises qigong

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The qigong is an ancient Chinese breathing exercises, which can be used to control and improve various processes in the human body. Its history dates back to the Zin dynasty and the first mention of this gymnastics meet in the books, Dating from 270-300 years of our era. In those days the phrase qi Gong met not so often, and meant that the cultivation or practice of qi. Later this term was often used among the fans of Wushu.

It was believed that this technique is quite complex to learn and it is not so simple. Perhaps not so well-known ancient followers of this therapeutic gymnastics. In 1935 in Northern China published a brochure on the treatment of tuberculosis with the help of exercises qigong. But the big resonance in the medical world it is not caused. The main development qigong therapy received in the sixties of the last century, when a famous doctor, Director Tichansky hospital van easy walking appeared in the Shanghai clinic. He brought and showed his colleagues an ancient technique, which can be used to heal people of their ailments. Technique caused the admiration of the Chinese doctors and they decided to use gymnastics in traditional medicine. It was at this time physiotherapy received its official name is qigong.

Lengthy workouts breathing, relaxing the body and mind. training specific item, you can restore the human body, to open new opportunities to treat diseases and restore physical and spiritual strength. All this has on human health, preventive and restorative effect.

In recent years, worldwide, a large number of fans of gymnastics qigong. People are attracted to the long history of this technique, its productivity and accessibility for people. In General, talking about qigong as a single and continuous technique is not quite right. Unlike Indian yoga, this technique is in constant research and improvement. At the moment there are five levels or categories of gymnastics qigong. First of all, it is medical qigong, followed by another four types of gymnastics: restorative, martial, philosophical, and intellectual methods. Each of the varieties of gymnastics qigong has its own specific task and, on this basis, suitable to different groups of people.

A distinctive feature of qigong is an approach to health in General. It is, above all, the physical condition of man, his spiritual and energetic health. A word that makes an individual healthy, harmonious and happy.

Each person should take care of your physical, spiritual and psychological state of the individual. To solve this problem have been developed complexes of the qigong exercises that have passed a long grinding thousands of his followers. Almost every qigong exercise program consists of three degrees-of-ownership methodology. The person running these complexes must first learn how to exercise properly. This is accomplished by operating the entire human body, the tension or relaxation of specific muscle groups. In the first phase of development of qigong is alternately relaxing and tensing of the body, allowing you to learn to control the body, to obtain a restorative effect and learn to control their physical shell.

The second step involves the fusion of movement and breathing. While doing the exercises practiced different breathing. At this stage, there is an intensive health-building process. The human body gets a tremendous impact and the effect of the performed exercises increases significantly.

At the third degree to physical exercise and correct breathing is added the work of consciousness. After mastering the third degree a person gets emotional calm. psychological balance and becomes harmonious and happy personality that begins to exist as a single whole with the world around us.

Based on the fact that qigong is the full impact on the three components of the person: spiritual, physical and energy – the positive effect ten times greater, compared with other Wellness techniques. Performing complexes qigong, people are not wasting their energy, and it accumulates in your body. With constant practice there is an adequate supply of this energy, and, hence, the duration of life and its quality, is noticeably enhanced.

It helps to practice qigong for thirty to forty minutes a day to get significant effect. Study Chinese practitioners showed that the increase of classes, more hours do not bring tangible effect and the person starts to get tired, not to store energy health. This distinguishes qigong from aerobics. Scientists have proved that the burning of fat when active motion is, on average, only forty minutes. Qigong gives a similar effect much faster and, because of its sparing techniques, better suited to older people or persons with poor physical development.

The most popular are some of the main areas of therapeutic exercises qigong. For example, BA Duan Jing – is relatively easier, but, nevertheless, brings significant health benefits. This complex consists of eight basic exercises that are beneficial to the respiratory system, improves joint mobility, strengthens muscles and restores in the human body the necessary energy supply.

The direction of Jin Jing originates in Ancient China. This set includes twelve exercises that are beneficial to the spine. It is known that the health of the spine is inextricably linked to the health of the human body. The spine is responsible for our posture, the function of internal organs and the total duration of human life. In addition to the emphasis on the restoration of the spine, this set of exercises restores the harmonious working of the respiratory system, improves coordination and flexibility of our body. promotes spiritual and energetic health.

Techniques and systems of gymnastics qigong many and anyone will be able to find the required course. No matter in what physical and emotional state you are in now – after practicing qigong, with due patience, you will definitely get a positive health effect and will make a huge step towards achieving harmony of body and soul.

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