Treadmills description, selection

Treadmills: description, selection

Treadmills are one of the most popular cardio machines of today. They are used to keep in shape, burn fat, maintain your cardiovascular system in good condition. While running work almost all the muscles of the body, which accelerates metabolic processes and, as a consequence, more intense fat burning. There are two types of treadmills – electrical and mechanical. A simpler option, for obvious reasons, is a mechanical simulator. The cost is usually also lower. This treadmill will not connect to the network, and is driven by man.

Motorized treadmill important advantages. First, it is the price, second, the independence from electricity, but the main difference is the force that develops when using the product. The fact that running on the mechanical path is closest to natural. You are pushing the feet of the walking belt, exerting some force. In this case, the legs receive power, dependent on the configuration, the load. As the basic setup is the adjustment of the damping force of the blade. There is a track with mechanical and magnetic braking mechanism. The second is preferable because it creates a uniform resistance, without jerks, as in the case of mechanical.

The main indicators that you can remove with a manual treadmill is the running speed, calories burned, workout time (distance covered) and the heart rate.

Unlike mechanical, electric treadmills you don’t need to push the cloth, enough to move my feet. The emphasis is on cardio and not strength training. This type of stress is preferred for people who have health problems of the feet. As to fat burning, it is an intense type of training shows the most effective results. And in the case of electric treadmills with intensity no problem. A distinctive feature of this type of exercise equipment – a wide range of settings. You can choose from a variety of programs, which involves different rates of running, especially a particular person (e.g., heart rate) and more. I think it is quite clear that the more features, the higher the cost of the simulator.


The main characteristic of electric treadmills is the motor power. The higher it is, the faster the machine and the more weight it can withstand. There is a direct correlation between engine power and weight person involved, it should always be taken into account. For a person weighing up to 80 pounds enough of the simulator with a capacity of 1.5 L. C. This indicator is also inseparably with the size of the walking belt. Be as careful in the performance. Often prices are quoted peak power, you need a constant, so always check it.

Treadmill belt

Canvas racetracks should be selected for specific dimensions of a person. The range of sizes is very large. The best is the fabric long 120-130 cm and a width of 40 cm multi-Layered canvases more reliable and convenient. In addition, there are two-way options, which can be rotated when one side has worn off. In any case, it is recommended to test the track in person and preferably at different speeds and with different slopes.

The control panel

The functionality of the treadmill you need to choose in accordance with your goals. What programs and functions you need and which are unnecessary? You Choose. But, for example, such a function as a “security key” binding on all. It is inserted into the control panel of the treadmill and with the help of lace attached to the belt. Should you stumble or fall, as the key is pulled and the simulator will stop.

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