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How to start training after the winter

Smooth dip. How to start training after the winter

With the arrival of spring sports remember even those who in other times of the year not thinking about it at all. About how to start training after the winter break at the request PROSPORT told Rustam Usmanov, the medical consultant to an Independent laboratory INVITRO.

What gives: it trains the cardiovascular system, muscle tone, removes excess weight.

How to start running after the winter break can lead to stretching and

tearing of ligaments. Start with a small pace and distances – take the initial reference point 2 km, run them in an easy, not a fast pace. If while running you feel discomfort in the muscles, pain – stop running. Take a day to rest and then try again.

Start running in a day or two — during this time, unaccustomed to load the muscles and ligaments have time to recover. Once a week increase the distance per kilometer, bring it up to 5–6 km a day.

When you feel that 6 km easy, can complicate loading — while running to do a hundred-meter acceleration, then return to normal pace or slow it down.

In diseases and injuries of joints, muscles, spine, consult a specialist before you start training. It will determine the minimum load.


What gives: trains the leg muscles, the cardiovascular system

Photo: Zurab javakhadze / TASS.

Football, basketball, volleyball

What gives: strengthens leg muscles, trains the cardiovascular system, increases the overall endurance

How to start: playing sports, especially football and basketball are physically demanding. The players have all the time to peremeshatsya by the court, to cross through the threshold of the load, after which the muscles will ache, and your heart pounding like a hammer, very easy.

Expert recommends starting the football season with preparatory exercises. To the game on the field was not a shock to the system, get them to pre – start to run (2 miles a day, see above Chapter “Running”). Make your daily “diet” additional exercises to strengthen the leg muscles. This squats (two or three approaches, the number of repetitions depending on your form – you can start at least five times, gradually bringing the number to 30–40 in each approach) and jumping (jump start, drawing her knees to belly, with five times during the approach, gradually increase the number of hops to 10–20 times).

Out on the football field, stop the game or take a pause immediately when discomfort – shortness of breath, burning sensation in the muscles. If his reluctance to leave the field, tell the team that will stand in the gate. Take a few deep breaths.

Photo: Sander van der Wel / Flickr

What gives: strengthens and pumps up the muscles of the upper body, trains the cardiovascular system

How to start: Rustam Usmanov recommends that you start exercising on the horizontal bar after the winter break with nizkotovarnoj program. If you have not been working out quite all winter, get to know the bar gradually. In training the first week start with 3–4 and pull approaches from 1 to 5 times. Weekly increase the weekly standard on 2–3 times. If you feel that you can’t increase the number of pull-UPS, do the same numbers as last week.