How to love exercise

So in the fitness impatient

How to love exercise

An ancient Chinese proverb says: journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Fitness the first step is always the motivation, from which depends,you will remain lying on the couch watching TV or going to burn calories.

A tough start

Fashion sports lifestyle originated in the 70-ies of XX century in America. We have the fitness boom began just 10 years ago and continues to gain momentum: new fitness clubs, swimming pools, yoga rooms. All around us are looking slim centerfolds and their inflated satellites. Like it or not, but looking at your reflection in the mirror, you have to go to a fitness club.

“As a rule, most people sooner or later come to think that it is time for a do. Fashion magazines are full of headlines like “Come out of hibernation!” or “one Hundred days to the beach”. Such statements are attempts to appeal to temporary or seasonal motives of man. Maybe you have a wedding soon best friend, not fastened your favourite pair of pants that are too tight evening dress, on the nose beach season or out. We know day needs to get into a new suit or a swimsuit, and put a maximum effort. Often such thoughts help to go on a diet or join the gym. All this is is called primary, or temporary motivation,” says the magazine “Pro Health” Maxim GREBENEV, coach-consultant, sports psychologist. “But, as a rule, already on the second visit having problems. It and is clear: instead of the promised “muscular joy” after the first workout, we experience pain and aches, and the evening is already a date in a cozy place that serves tasty, but harmful meals. In the end this isn’t school, no one will call you an “unsatisfactory” for absenteeism! So think very, very many. And drop classes before you have time to get involved, to experience a burst of energy and to see in the mirror first results of the practice”.

The temporary motivation there are not only disadvantages but also advantages. Still, the man was able to force yourself to change your lifestyle and do sports. Deadline, understanding that the day has to look good inexorably approaching, get a person to engage in fitness and sweat, not Atlasova and not attributing missed practice on employment and fatigue. Many people, from such seasonal workouts addicted to the rhythm for 2-3 months and continue lessons after the wedding or vacation. But as often happens in a different way – and this is the main disadvantage!

“Temporal motivation is therefore called so that it lasts for a fairly short period of time. If during the period of training the person is not addicted and quit, after a while, the muscle tone will be lost, and by next spring (or another event where I need to look good) will have to start all over again. But this is much harder than to maintain the level already achieved. In addition, these classes are interspersed with periods of inactivity and gluttony, can undermine health. Any unexpected load is a powerful stress for the entire body. To get started with a new load on the muscles, he will be forced to stir the hormonal, nervous, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and other systems. Often, the motivation is lost because of poor health resulting from overload untrained body. The main mistake is to maximalism and the inability to dose their efforts and energy. “Everything! Start a new life.” and then the man with his head immersed in what his body and mind are not ready,” says Maxim Grebenev.

Good continuation

So, to convince myself of the need to engage in fitness is only half the battle. It is important that this desire has become a part of your personality and going to the gym was occupied by the same firm place in your schedule, like a morning Cup of coffee or Friday gatherings at the café. You need to find constant motivation, that is the reason that will help you to make training a pleasure, not a burden.

In one interview a popular youth singer Alexander Panayotov told reporters that as a temporary motivation for fitness classes outgrew his constant motivation:

“Friendship with sports in my childhood did not exist, and my mother’s pies (which I cook) added problems. In high school I weighed 106 kg, but was sure that I was in great shape. The extent of the disaster was realized, when I first saw myself on TV. Began to radically almost stopped eating, started doing weights, run, swim, go to the sauna. Since then, despite the busyness, I try to keep fit, visit the gym. My favorite shell – treadmill, sometimes taken for dumbbells and barbell. Then be sure pool and a sauna. If you go to the gym too lazy, took the tape recording of his concert times, when weighed 100 kg. After watching laziness as if by magic!”

Understanding that a beautiful body can and should be retained throughout the life of that flabby muscles and extra weight harm not only health, but personal life and career can be a good reason not to go.

“Motivation is an internal characteristic of the person based on his desires, aspirations, expectations and needs. If what you are doing does not bring the desired effect, look for other options to perform the task. To achieve success, your head should be the goal. And that goal should always be to lose weight, or to lead a healthy lifestyle. For example, your motto can be thought “to Train, no matter what!” Don’t miss practice! But if there is no energy and time to get it down to thirty, twenty minutes, to reduce the load, but not to postpone it for later. If you really are tired, instead of training go to the sauna, have a massage, buy a new sports uniform, share with your friends its sporting achievements, but be sure to get exercise with your physical form. Make fitness a lifestyle. Don’t forget that trained body easier to tolerate sleep deprivation and hectic activity at work. And remember that any goal is achievable,” advises Maxim.

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