The body adapts to physical stress

Do You consider yourself a person who charges his healthy energy? Or You looking for someone could be recharged?

Can’t remember when was the last time You were sick? Or it happens so often that it is much easier to remember when the last time You was sick?

Jump You out of bed smiling and enjoying the new day? Or morning turned into a fight with the alarm clock and sleep?

Sounds familiar? When every year health is only getting worse? So quietly, quietly away tone and vitality. Is not accessible with the opportunities

that were recently. Where’s it all gone? Where did chronic diseases?

Where is the passion and enthusiasm? Have no strength for the day to move mountains and make as much as others do for the week. And evening has neither the power nor the desire to stay active.

If nothing change, then every

the year will only get worse!

You are more likely to visit hospitals and pharmacies. Travel and leisure become something distant and unattainable. On achieving ambitious goals is also not really enough. And will also increasingly disappointing to hear the diagnosis, they say it is already the chronicle, we do not treat such, can only remove the pain – get used to it. It is impossible – you have ulcer, you can’t – you have a hernia. And the worst thing is that it is not about older people. Disease become younger. If you do not watch yourself, you can become a wreck even to 30 years! What kind of inheritance you will pass to your children? Now the children suffer from such diseases which are 15-20 years ago and not really heard. But it is terrible when children get ill and can’t help you!

All is not lost

But there are people who got rid of these problems. I’m not talking about those who from birth has Siberian health. There are people who built their body. Such a body, which they never had in my youth. Now health is not a goal for them, and something for granted, something that is always with them, helping you to live life to the fullest, live the dream. People who are born strong and healthy toddler.

Here’s a short video with an example of what can be achieved. In 75 years of Elbrus.

People in this elderly age turns out to solve their health problems, restore joints and cheerful to live a new life full of strength and energy. Will turn out for you!

So what you need to do?

And here everything seems to be simple, but with many subtleties.

Just need to properly combine 5 components:

Spiritual or mental. No matter how beautiful the vessel was not outside but inside if sulphuric acid, a little confused by this. And directly influence the consciousness – this case is quite difficult and not everyone is able – so with the consciousness working through the body

Physical exercise. Everything is more simpler than with delicate matters, but also with many nuances

You need to override the mechanism of adaptation to any stress the body gets used and we no longer needed to obtain health benefits from physical activity

To correctly calculate the dose load and a rest period. If this is not the sport of high achievements, after a workout, muscles need to recover and give servotronics, only then the results will grow very quickly. Period rest you need to choose very precisely. Slightly smaller and the load will go to nedoustanovlennoy muscles and even more will destroy them (if this is repeated then systematically begin to pour tendons and to break the joints). A little more rest and the muscles do not come to the overreduction – we are treading water and not getting the desired results.

It is also important to know clearly the necessary range of motion. A common example is if the back squats to not hold exactly and the weight transfer with the heels on socks – excessive voltage will pass through the knee joint and, instead of rebuilding, we will destroy it.

Proper nutrition



And arch is important all of these items to properly. After all, what good will come of all this if you will prisonmates this a couple of months and throw?

It just so happened that after my rebirth friends and acquaintances have noticed a distinct change and began to ask why? But how? Can I have one? And then what” And often the questions were the same. And when at one point I was asked to take the exam at the instructor – happily agreed and began to all these questions to answer already massively – on workshops.

But here an ambush, in the newsletter already more than 10,000 subscribers from different countries and questions again and again, therefore, decided to hold this here is a detailed webinar marathon.

As for the bias in parent-child-related issues.

It just so happened that under my influence, my sister Tonya and her husband Ivan, also began to lead a more healthy lifestyle. Somewhere two years before the birth of his nephew. Well and further all the same questions:” what about the food mom? What about the child’s diet? What about vaccinations? What about immunity? And what to do with a high temperature? What about hardening, can wait until you’re older. “And so these issues are faced in practice.

Although, again, it is impossible to separate children’s health from the health of the parents , because children do not live on another planet, and with his parents as a rule. And you can do health of children (sports section, tempering, vitamins. the sanatorium). but children primarily (and often subconsciously) – copy of parents. And if parents never get sick and hospitals do not go, lead a healthy and active lifestyle, then the children will have health strong.

What will be on the webinar:

This webinar will tell you all the important points that will help in the shortest possible time to restore health and bring it to a whole new level. Will tell you what I know on this subject, all of which will transmit the online broadcast. It will not be some kind of gag or something – all of these are already proven by hundreds of people of knowledge that the World (the author of the system) laid in a system of active longevity “Healing Impulse”. Also I will be helping Marina Kravets, instructor in Children’s Healing Pulse – it will reveal more detail the topic of raising immunity in children, training new moms.

The program of the webinar:

3 main causes of loss of health and old age. Learn how to avoid them.

We went around the adaptation mechanism. Why exercise cease to bring in former benefits.

The principle of overreduction. Olympic technology in the home. Examples of usage (tan on supercompensation, recovery of sight for supercompensation. )

Working on the muscles at the maximum amplitude. That digests dead zones in the body? Where lies the root of joint disease.

Combine exercise with breathing. Time for classes, too, and the result is 2 times better.

Add the mental component. Additional strengthening at the same time.

Work on the limit. Why is it important to do the exercises with maximum voltage and how it will help you find a concrete health.

The matrix of the ideal state. Forcing our DNA to work for us.

The struggle for resources and the shortage of blood. A little about the structure of our blood vessels and how it can be used to accelerate rehabilitation after diseases.

5 exercises – only 15 min to practice and’m mighty sea. Briefly about the benefits of each exercise.

The spine is the pillar of health. Solved long-standing problems.

The risk of muscle tension and how to deal with them. Post isometric stretching on guard for relaxation.

Drinking regime – a simple solution to a HUGE problem

Healthy eating is not just an amplifier, and a huge multiplier results from exercise

Heavy duty 2 minute way to raise immunity, analogues to which medicine had not yet invented and you can imagine.

A common mistake! Fasting for weight loss, but actually the opposite.

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