The complex of exercises for morning exercises for weight loss

The complex of exercises for morning exercises

Physical activity immediately after waking up is not only a guarantor of energy for the entire day, but the prevention of many diseases of the internal systems, strengthening the spine, tone the body and even the stimulation of metabolism. Small complex of exercises for morning exercises is able to empower, awaken and configured to work smoothly. It takes about twenty minutes, as the time required between the glass of warm water and Breakfast on the principles of healthy eating. It only takes a few times to force yourself to overcome laziness, to subsequently charge included in one of the daily habits. And, I must say, very good habits.

And she can help in the fight against excess weight. Interested? Read more.

What to do to charge helped to lose weight?

Of course, exercises for morning exercises in losing weight can not be compared with full-time training in the gym when you go seven pots. And, nevertheless, to neglect them, wanting to correct shape, it should not be. Why? In the beginning of the article mentioned about the intensification of internal systems, and in particular, stimulation of the digestive tract and metabolism. A morning of physical activity and require the person to gradually burn fat deposits. And overclocked metabolism will subsequently allow them to stock up again.

In addition, the charge increases blood circulation and oxygen exchange, which again affects the excess pounds. But if conduct is subject to availability morning exercises in the fresh air, this will particularly impact on the health and weight loss in particular. And in the issue of weight loss exercises for morning exercise in full operation, it is required to perform them twenty or thirty minutes, with a steady pace.

The complex of exercises for morning exercises

First, you need to stretch all the muscles. It can deeply and with feeling to stretch, to do some bending and twisting movements of neck, shoulder Department, hands. And then start to warm up. The atmosphere will add a nice dynamic music that will make you forget about time and to work in harmony with your body.

Active March in place with high knees. It is advisable to feel at this moment, as reduced abdominal muscles, and the pelvis is lifted to the ribs. On the breath has two steps right, two steps left. To perform within minutes.

Visit the running on the spot with the same technique: raising your knees and pulling on socks. Also within a minute. Then 15-20 seconds again to walk, but as usual, slowing down.

Exercise for morning exercises on balance and stretching. Tear off one leg from the floor and lift in a bent form up. Knee as much as possible to tighten the arm to the chest. Freeze for half a minute. Then to have the same leg back, now clutching the heel to the buttock. Also half a minute. Repeat these steps with the other leg.

Feet shoulder width apart, hands on waist. Perform a circular motion on the body, keeping the static down. Is the mixing and dilution of the blades as well as the extension and contraction sides. Half minute to the right and the same to the left.

From the same initial position to produce a circular motion of the pelvis, now static hold top. There should be a reduction and extension center abdominal muscles. The duration is the same as for the previous exercise.

Another exercise morning exercises for deep abdominal muscles is performed in the active rhythm. Put your feet shoulder width apart, shift weight to right leg and soften both knees. Now springy movements, bending the knees, you need to send the hips up, pulling the pelvis to the lower ribs. Two strokes on the right foot, then the weight is transferred to left and repeat the action, too, by two punch. To do the minute and a half. In the field of the press should be burning.

Jumps in place with the overlap, pulling the heels to the buttocks, for 30 seconds. Then make the same jumps, but with the release of feet sideways and then forward. For each option the same 30 seconds.

The slopes of the body with a straight back, first parallel to the spine with the floor. All the way back, until you want to make the deflection, which should not be. Then, a series of tilts to the side, and completes the full cycle vertical “crease” apart on shoulder width and reduced legs. To seek to put the palms on the floor, but without bending the knees. Three minutes for the entire range of inclinations.

Twisting according to the “mill” with flung out to the sides and hands placed shoulder width apart feet. Leaning down with a straight back should almost touch the fingertips of one hand to the ankle of the opposite leg. To perform at a fast pace through the reset position for a minute.

Feet together, body straight, back of the neck stretches to the ceiling. Hands can be separate and can be put on the waist. Shoulders lowered. To rise on tiptoe to the max and immediately descend. It is important to note that the working principle of springs. First, the body does not fall back on your heels rather smoothly, but rapidly descends. Secondly, once the heel was in contact with the floor, there is an instant return “take-off” on demi-Pointe. Duration – min at a fast pace.

Now one exercise morning exercise for stretching, which must be present in any sports complex. Sit on the floor, spread his legs as widely as possible, the socks pull. To bow down to each foot, trying to lie on her chest. Don’t bounce and lie down for thirty seconds without movement, each breath trying to bend down even lower. The back is not rounded. Half a minute on each side and the same at the center.

The final exercise for morning exercises – breathing. Feet together, body straight, shoulders slumped. On a deep inhale, stretch the arms up, exhale, describing their semicircle, down together with your hands down, hugging his legs. Repeat three to five times.

The differences in the exercises morning exercises for women and men

The above facility can be supplemented to your liking, connecting to it those elements that target specific problem areas. For example, to make more bends and twists, or squats and lunges, or crunches. It is only important to remember that during the execution of exercises for morning exercises women should not use weights – dumbbells and similar tools. But they will suit wraps, elastic bands and gymnastic sticks. While men can develop the muscles much more active, including power elements in his exercises.

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