The process of muscle recovery after exercise

The process of muscle recovery after exercise

During exercise at the gym, your muscles get a injury for full recovery they need 24 to 48 hours.

For this reason, these professionals are engaged through the day, giving your muscles a chance to recover. With daily workouts, the muscles will not be able to recover properly, and the body will constantly feel strained and tired. Usually fatigue in the muscles manifests itself gradually, the athlete gets used to this state and no longer feel the fatigue. But a bodybuilder reaches of very large heights. At least he will

feel that he is stronger every day, but the overall result on lifting weights will not grow, or will grow very slowly. Those athletes who need to practice every other day, giving your muscles recover, achieved much greater success compared to those who improve themselves mocks daily workouts.

How long is the recovery of the body and muscles

Athletes from about 20 to 25 years old, eat well, watch their way of life, not subjected to stress, get enough sleep, the body recovers quickly, and begin engaged on it is already possible in 2-3 days. There are athletes who are already 30 years old, at this age, many have a child who can’t sleep at night, and even job, so the athletes are much harder to keep fit. In such cases it is better to rest for 5 to 7 days, you need to look at your state of health. If you are experiencing constant stress, can’t sleep if you have trouble with the full restoration of the body, then for your own health temporarily take a break from the gym. Training should start only after full recovery of the muscles and body, only then you can keep your body in a beautiful and good shape.

The above does not apply to athletes who use steroids. which accelerate recovery and gain endurance. Such people go to the gym more often simple athletes. But everyone probably already knows that steroids, anabolics, etc. is very harmful to the body, and they give only temporary effect.

Restorable muscle

Many are trying to build muscle mass with the help of different exercises, and refuse to workout with a barbell. You should know your body, so experiment, what exercises he will perceive better what is worse and what exercise gives the best effect on the desired group of your muscles. No need to listen to the miracle of sportsmen who advise to do at the gym daily. Forget about the schedule, let’s relax the body with the necessary amount of time. Does not matter how much the body will rest a Day or two, or five, let the body recover and the effects of exercise will be much better. Importantly, try to achieve results instead of your regular workout.

When selecting exercises for specific muscle groups, you need to remember about fatigue each individual part of the body. Many expect on your holiday fatigue of the whole body. If the next day after a workout in the muscles are a little sore, you should not force yourself, let the muscles to rest and fully recover. When embarking on a new workout, you should not feel pain in the muscles, and your body should be fully restored. If you feel weak or tired, put the training and let the body fully recover. Gradually, your body will gradually get used to the load, and the recovery process will take less time.

Pay special attention to sleep

Sleep directly affects how fast you will achieve results in sports. If you want to achieve good results, create a good environment for sleep. Most importantly a good healthy sleep, you sleep better than not despite. Try to go to bed earlier, do not sit till twelve o’clock, remember, sleep should be not less than eight hours. Bad in the morning when you’ll Wake up, try to get up in the morning alone. To do this, develop the body mode. Do not sit up nights in front of the TV or laptop, go to bed at eleven o’clock to sleep (or earlier), and set the alarm for seven in the morning. About a week the body will adjust to this schedule and you’re on your own’ll Wake up in the morning and feel rested and alert.

Also consider such factors as:

– After training, the body is restored, during this need particularly well nourished and drink plenty of fluid. Because during exercise the body all this plays out in large quantities.

– Contrast shower will help to achieve the best result. You probably know that cold water causes vasoconstriction, warm, expansion. This shower will have a positive effect on the muscles.

In the evening try to get a massage, of course it can do by yourself, but the effect will be worse. Massage improves blood circulation in the body, so much faster transported vitamins and minerals in the body. This will reduce the time to full recovery.

Remember, if you are constantly tired from training, enough sleep, exposed to stress, bad eating, something about build muscle mass forget, it will not grow, the power of your body will be donated to the fight against negative phenomena which he experiences.

Try to relax and exercise, do not visit gyms if not fully recovered, rest a day or two, it won’t hurt. Don’t confuse laziness with fatigue, the rest should not be abused.

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