Border-intensity physical activity

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Border-intensity physical activity.

Physical exercise will not bring the desired effect, if the load is insufficient. Excessive in intensity of the load can cause in the body the phenomenon of surge. This raises the need to determine the optimal intensity level training for anyone involved independently. For this it is necessary to determine the initial level of the functional state of the organism before school starts, and then during the lessons to monitor change indicators.

Most available methods for evaluation of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems are orthostatic test, Ruffier test, test Rod (see Chapter 8).

Dosage of exercise, i.e., increase or decrease their intensity, provided:

– changing the initial positions (for example, trunk bending forward with the hands pulling the floor without bending your legs at the knees, it is easier to do from the original position of the feet apart and harder to do from the starting position feet together);

– changes in the amplitude of movements (as the amplitude of the load on the body increases);

– the acceleration or deceleration rate (in cyclic exercises, for example, a large load gives a fast paced and power – slow tempo);

– increase or decrease the number of repetitions of exercises (the greater the number of times an exercise is repeated, the more load);

– the inclusion of more or fewer muscle groups (the more muscles involved in the work, the greater physical exertion);

– increase or decrease breaks (longer rest contributes to a more complete recovery of the body).

By the nature of the pause of rest can be passive and active. With active pauses when you perform light exercises and unloading of nature or relaxation exercises, restorative effect, increases. With the reduction of the breaks (when the body is not fully recovered, the body burden increases).

Training load is characterised by a number of physical and physiological parameters. To physical load indicators include: the intensity and the volume, speed and tempo of movements, duration and number of repetitions. Physiological parameters include: increase in heart rate, stroke volume, minute volume of blood.

The intensity of the load can be determined by heart rate.

Research has established that different age minimum intensity by heart rate, which gives training effect, is:

for persons 20 years – 134 beats/min;

30 years – 129 beats/min;

40 years – 124 beats/min;

50 years – 118 beats/min;

60 years – 113 beats/min;

65 – 108 beats/min.

The dependence of the maximum heart rate from age can be determined by the formula:

HR (max) = 220 – age (in years).

Given the maximum and minimum values of intensity by heart rate, you can define zones for optimal and high loads. For example, for persons 17 to 20 years, the optimal zone is a heart rate range from 150 to 177 beats/min, area large loads from 177 to 200 beats/min; for persons 25 years respectively, 145-172 beats/min and 172/195 beats/min (table 5.1)

Being involved reflects changes occurring in the body under the influence of physical exercises.

Signs of excessive stress are: the accumulation of fatigue, the appearance of insomnia or increased sleepiness, pain in the heart, shortness of breath, nausea.

Manifestations of these signs you need to reduce the physical strain or to suspend classes.

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