To whom it is useful to practice yoga

Who is helpful to do yoga? System analysis

When I was a teenager, my mother enrolled me in a new and strange for our city thing aerobics. The practice, clothing, coach and dealing (leotards, short top and white sneakers), sports equipment (step-platforms, multi-colored dumbbell, hoops and harnesses) breezed inostranshchinoj, fashionable and colorful.

Today, coming to the fitness club, we used nothing surprising. New classes in pilage? How lovely! Zumba? Excellent! BAMS fitness? Port de bras? Tae-Bo? Wonderful! All try, write!

However, despite this diversity and wide choice of fitness classes, I am continually drawn to the mysterious and meditative yoga hall, which not accidentally located on the top floor of the building in the attic room with huge Windows overlooking the city’s Bay.

Before I came to this different world, I knew nothing about yoga: how to practice yoga? What does it do? Is it difficult? Hurt, maybe? Meditation — and it’s not dangerous.

How and why to practice yoga?

To the question about why to do yoga, to explore the system-vector psychology I would say to be healthy. Now I understand why I was so drawn into the mysterious world of yoga, what I was looking for and she was able to give. However, more about that below.

Many of us perceive yoga as fitness, a kind of gymnastics, exercises and the way to relieve fatigue. Whereas actually it is a religious-philosophical system, and the physical component is just a part of it.

The reason for this perception is that initially in Russia was not authentic yoga schools directly related to the religious tradition of India. Yoga was always interested in many people, but not all important philosophical background of these classes.

Someone is surprised that someone is upset — I observe quietly. Who wants to practice yoga for physical pleasure? People with dermal vector, appreciating the movement for the sake of bodily pleasures. Who perceives yoga as a type of so-called “spiritual” practices? The same cornici, but with a sound vector top, which makes them spiritual quest. In yoga they hope to find a way of achieving inner harmony, balance, unity of body and soul and God knows what else…

How to do yoga, if you have no sound vector, but there is a skin ?

Classical yoga is a system of eight steps. The first two stages is the study of moral principles and the various recommendations that are given to the performance of poses. The third is already being considered, asanas, work with the body. If you mastered all the previous work begins with the breath (pranayama). It is believed that the following 4 steps is a labor of the mind and psyche.

For students with dermal vector in the modern fitness clubs are the third and fourth elements of yoga — asanas and pranayama. The rest is of little interest to them, while healing, nutrition and respiration, can simultaneously give all occupations.

How to do yoga skin-sound students? Here you can immerse yourself in yoga with all its stages is a simple exercise to the sound guy who is essentially a man with skin and sound vector, will not bring any pleasure. But the relaxation in Asan and at the same time focusing on their internal States, relaxing body work and compulsory work of the mind during Shavasana (20 minute relaxation) is the ideal “charging” for the sound guy, it is his way to escape from the hustle and bustle.

What ever may be in a sound state vector? Available here: «Hidden depression»

Savasana is a blissful state of peace for the sound guy. Ancient guru yoga relaxed in the pose “corpse” on a very deep level, concentrating on their own bodily sensations and getting rid of pain. Their concentration is passed to the level of awareness in which your body they simply ceased to feel. In this state, as claimed guru yoga, it was possible to get closer to Nirvana…

Modern sound guy to fill that little: times have changed, complicated landscape, still worked out of the program. Temperament sound man today requires a much larger fulfillment of the desire — no yoga, no religion with philosophy and music can no longer satisfy his quest for the meaning of life.

How to do yoga by yourself? Very cautiously. And the best way of yoga, like any other form of exercise can be very traumatic. The risk of something stretch or dislocate in each asana, if you do it by inexperience incorrectly. But under sensible supervision of the instructor this risk will not.

So whether or not to do yoga?

Yoga classes in any case benefit for physical health. Even if not to delve into the pit and Niyama (the first two stages of comprehension of classical yoga), will definitely benefit from static muscle tension, correct sprains, relax the body. Ideally, yoga for the short term eliminates hormonal imbalances, back problems, congestion in the abdominal cavity and so forth.

Is it helpful to do yoga to people with dermal vector? Of course: unlike many other sports, yoga in the correct performance of asanas makes the load on the joints and heart, but perfectly cope with the task of healing. In addition, frozen in a static pose, the dermatologist learns better control and feel your body.

Whether to practice yoga to the sound? Of course: in that case, if they do decide to do anything sporopollenin, and simple aerobics, gymnastics, charging and even therapeutic exercise will seem to them a waste of time.

What binds bodily movement with the philosophy of life and health, people with a sound vector that requires a filling, it may seem tempting.

However, it should be understood here that. Yoga for skin (or anal-skin) the sound guy is not a way of filling the sound vector. Such a person interested in the body, because in this interest he is primarily a dermatologist.

Then why do yoga person with skin and sound bunch of vectors? Body care in skin vector — the inherent nature of the property and the desire that needs filling, but not to neglect them. While not erring on the possibility to apply the practice of yoga to fill the sound of a vector — here it is the sound — it’s not about our world, and especially not about the care of their own body. But that’s a topic for another article, to yoga and she has nothing.

Article written materials training on system-vector psychology Yuri Burlan

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