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How not to fall victim to office syndrome

In the framework held in the Central house of scientists of the 8th annual conference “Vanaskie reading, a discussion was held on the so-called” office syndrome. As it turned out, the topic is relevant not only for office workers but also employers, as the availability of office syndrome significantly affects the productivity and reduces the overall performance of the company .

The office has traditionally been considered a safe place to work. However, a sedentary lifestyle, stereotypical movements and emotional stress have a

negative impact on employee health. Among the painful conditions that have in common the concept of “office syndrome” experts call this pain in the back and neck, headaches, dry eye syndrome”, etc. in addition, office workers high risk of cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and disorders of the emotional sphere.

According to the observations of Professor of nervous diseases of the faculty of postgraduate professional training of the First Moscow medical University. I. M. Sechenov, PhD. honey. Sciences Andrey Danilov, recently conducted a survey among 220 neurologists clinics of Moscow (120 questionnaires and 100 online surveys) showed that about 70% of people presenting with complaints of back pain account for office workers: people aged 35 to 50 years. Most of them are observed and are treated with a diagnosis of “degenerative disc disease”.

Meanwhile, such a diagnosis does not exist, the degenerative disc disease is not a disease, it is a natural degenerative change in the structure of the spine. “The changes occurring in the spine, associated with maturation and aging,” comments Andrey Danilov. But they are not necessarily associated with pain! Recall, for rural residents who work in the garden, breaks his back, carry heavy buckets of water. If you conduct a survey, to make them a CT, MRI or even a simple x-ray, we will see gross violations in the spine. However, discomfort and painful conditions most of these patients will not.”

In the occurrence of back pain the essential role played by factors such as Smoking, a poor work environment, lack of habit to take walks in the fresh air or exercise. Psychosocial factors also contribute. According to the expert, if an office employee is dissatisfied with their job position and professional prospects, salary, relationships with colleagues, if there is a feeling that the administration does not appreciate the risk of back pain increases.

Professor Danilov explained that to successfully combat office syndrome, it is first necessary to rebuild the quality of life: get rid of bad habits such as Smoking or overeating, find time for walking or gym, to change the style of work is not only a table, chair or lighting in the workplace, but also relationships in the team. And this task is not only to “white collar”, but also for HR RA and top management of any company.

Director of the company “ANKOR Medicine and pharmacy” Irina Allowence reported that in Russia about 35 million “white collar” — potential victims of office syndrome: “We are in a constant race, regularly experience stress at the workplace.

From our lives has left the concept of systemic tracking of health — regular medical examination for the absolute majority of Russian citizens in the past. A culture of a healthy lifestyle we have. This is indirectly speaks and interviewing job seekers: the main criteria for selecting companies for most candidates is the opportunity for career growth, in second place — the compensation package. On conditions of work and workplace ergonomics candidates pay much less attention”.

At the same time, many employers are already concerned about the problems of health personnel.

In a competitive market and the battle for the minds” they seek not only to retain employees but also to provide them with conditions to maintain health.

“The education of a healthy way of life now largely shifted to the shoulders of civilized employers who understand that people are an asset,” notes Irina Allowence. — A subscription to a fitness club is already familiar component of the benefits package. Some companies impose restrictions on being in the office that employees do not stay long night at work.

If the employee does not have time to finish his business in the day, he is offered a training on time management at the company’s expense. There are companies that ensure that after the forced overtime, the employee received an extra day of rest. In some pharmaceutical companies, employees, quit Smoking, get a prize”.

Speaking of medical representatives, the expert noted that the office syndrome is not peculiar to them, as they spend much time in the field. However, this category of staff have problems that can affect health.

For example, the professional burnout syndrome, which is manifested in increasing emotional exhaustion, indifference to their duties, dehumanization in the form of negativism both to clients and to colleagues, a sense of their own professional insolvency, job dissatisfaction or reward.

On the importance of prevention office of the syndrome said the chief neurologist of the Department of health JSC “RZD”, head. laboratory of clinical pathology of motor neuron research Institute of General pathology and pathophysiology Prof. Dina Merkulova: “you Should avoid prolonged static position of the body in an uncomfortable position. When working at the computer — try to keep your back straight, it is desirable to have a chair with a headrest. From time to time to do a little workout, massage the hands, the muscles of the neck.”

Doctors urged the audience not to forget about the joy of movement: alternate routine office work in a static position and physical activity, which will not only significantly reduce the risk of office syndrome, but also improve work efficiency.

Elena Grigorieva

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