Why you should start doing fitness

Why you should start doing fitness?

Fitness classes

An ancient Chinese proverb says: journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Fitness the first step is always the motivation. And if all of us enough to come to the gym one time — at least out of curiosity, — it is already the second visit, usually problems occur. It and is clear: instead of the promised “muscle of joy” after the first workout, you feel pain and aches. What kind of fitness there can be a speech. And in the end, it’s your time, your life, your membership in

the fitness club! No one will give you the “unsatisfactory” for absenteeism! So think very, very many. And as a result — stop being engaged before you have time to get involved, to experience the rush of hormones of joy and to see in the mirror the first results of the classes.

Initial motivation fitness — like the opposite sex. Most people start to be engaged in order to become the object of attention. Many inspiring examples of movie stars. The initial motivation may help to come to the gym for the first time. Or, maybe, second, and third. But she will not support always. Therefore, measures should be taken to combat the feeling of futility of the exercise.

Fitness magazines like catchy headlines like “Come out of hibernation!” or “one Hundred days to the beach”. Such statements — it attempts to appeal to temporary or seasonal motives of man. An invitation to the wedding, the upcoming summer vacation or participation in the championship in street football — all these events force us to experience temporary motivation. We know clearly the day that needs to get into a new suit or a swimsuit, — and make every effort to prepare yourself for this day. This has both pluses and minuses. Plus: man sees a distant target (the wedding is not appointed for next Friday and don’t play in a short time, of course, if it does not happen in Las Vegas), and the pressure of time, the feeling delaine force him to do a sweat. Many people, from such seasonal workouts addicted to the rhythm for 2-3 months and continue lessons after the wedding or vacation. But as often happens in a different way — and this is the main disadvantage! Temporary motivation is therefore called so that it lasts for a fairly short period of time. If during the period of practice the person is not “sucked” he did, after a while muscle tone is lost and by next spring (or the wedding — this also happens) will have to start all over again. But this is much more difficult than just to maintain the current level. In addition, these “jerks to the goal” alternating periods of inactivity and gluttony, can undermine health.

Admired physical form, which can achieve female Actresses. Uma Thurman starred in the movie “Kill bill” in a couple of months after birth. Nevertheless, her jumps, splits and bridges, knowledge of martial arts skills — simply amazing. And Cary-Anne moss, who played Trinity in the “Matrix”. Of course, all of her stunts, including Jogging on the walls and countless fights that were supplied with cables. However, the trick with insurance requires serious preparation. Having finished shooting in the last film, moss said load, received by it during filming, almost exceeded her physical capabilities.

Of course, Hollywood stars — its staff of trainers and nutritionists. But, first, nobody prevents you to use the advice of the instructor or ask the doctor to pick you diet. And secondly, and most importantly, no coach will perform the workout for you. No matter how good the instructor is, it only helps you to relax, corrects your program. To motivate yourself you need yourself.

What is the fitness? In English the word itself literally means “compliance”. How appropriate our body to the expectations that we lay on him? As well as the tasks set before us life? Of course, we haven’t been fighting with wild nature for a piece of meat, and yet the stresses and loads are not leaving us. Trained body easier to tolerate sleep deprivation and hectic activity at work.

You should focus on fitness, not for fun, but to make it a lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle — the best motivation. And although it is not easy to love, when there are so many temptations, you can always make your life at least. Nothing, if you missed a workout or even two weeks of training, going on vacation. May you eaten before bedtime or, on the contrary, sat down on a ration of dried fruits and fast soup. If a healthy lifestyle will be for you not a duty but a norm, you can always correct the situation quickly and get into shape. The body is very inert. And return the body to full and lazy way of life after six months of training as difficult as move it from “dead spots” at the beginning of class.

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Why you should start doing fitness
Why you should start doing fitness? Fitness classes An ancient Chinese proverb says: journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Fitness the first step is always the motivation. And if all of…