Yoga for beginners

Yoga – where to start?

The word “yoga” is known to almost everyone. But at the same time, the majority does not understand its exact meaning. Sometimes yoga is shrouded in a kind of mystical aura – practicing doing mysterious expression, and those who have never been in yoga class, I think that there are constantly sing mantras, burn incense, and eventually become Buddhists.

But the biggest surprise Yandex, which in the service query statistics the Vordstat indicates that people are seeking in a search engine the word “yoga” is also looking for “divination”, “dream”, “lunar calendar” and

“Nirvana”. However, about the last one not argue. To the question “How to reach Nirvana” after years of practice You still will be able to answer.

But still how to start a yoga practice? B. K. S. Iyengar, the famous founder of the eponymous yoga is often said to his numerous disciples: “The hardest part of yoga is spread out a Mat.” By the way, the Iyengar now over 90 years old and he continues to practice yoga, to learn all the new students and travel the world giving lectures and seminars.

So, to begin with a simple – to sign up for a trial lesson in a Studio or a yoga class. Moreover, strongly recommends to go for a trial lesson and not buy a long term subscription. The fact that You need to consider several points:

What kind of yoga is right for You

Is it convenient to engage in a specific room, specific equipment

If the atmosphere in the classroom and close to You in spirit the instructor, but rather a teacher of yoga.

In this article we will answer the first question – what kind of yoga to choose, what is the difference schools and movements of yoga and how not to spoil your health by going for just a few yoga sessions.

Before proceeding to particulars, offer to give an honest answer to the question, But to me yoga? Yoga is not for everyone. It is no coincidence that in yoga class – 80% of women and only 20% of men. In groups with the teacher man sometimes the situation is somewhat different, but at the same time, the tendency. Men relate to yoga with lukewarm, considering that it’s boring, you cannot achieve the necessary relief of muscle and to shed a couple extra pounds. By the way, women sometimes think the same way. These people really don’t want to go yoga. Not because yoga is no effect of weight reduction or relief of the muscles. But because yoga is about another. First of all, people go to yoga to become flexible, healthy body, heal the body, and sometimes soul. However, in fairness, we note that not all practices are suitable for health. To do this, let us consider the main directions and schools of yoga.

Hatha yoga

By and large this is not the direction, not the style, not branch and not the school. This ancient system of physical exercises (in Sanskrit Asanas, the accent on the first syllable), which later in one form or another went in other directions and schools of yoga.

According to Vedic tradition, Hatha yoga is the initial level of knowledge, which subsequently allows you to move on meditation and the achievement of the aforementioned Nirvana. But historically that often the term “Hatha yoga” is used as an alternative to other areas of yoga. Especially often it can be found in fitness clubs. Where intriguing names – the key to the success of the lesson. In fact, the lesson of Hatha yoga You will perform classical poses, or asanas (accent on 1st syllable), to perform breathing exercises (pranayama), to learn meditation. That means learning the “classical” school of yoga.

Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga

Proformu recommends this kind of yoga to those people who still attended classes on yoga, believing that it is “continuous lying on the floor with half-closed eyes.” Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is a complex dynamic movement exercises, running at a fast enough pace and given breath. The Association may be performed at gymnastics is quite a large load are compensated by the result – a slim fit body, great flexibility and power lifting.

One of the youngest schools of yoga. Moreover, it was established not Indian, and Ukrainian Andrei Sidersky. And it happened most recently in 2003. Since that time, this trend has become very popular – especially in Russia. Yoga 21 is not yoga in its purest form. It is a mixture of dynamic from asanas of Hatha yoga, Chinese Qigong practice, sports training techniques. Representatives of the school of yoga-21 striking in their training and physique. Although having attended even one class, You will understand that this form pupils Sidersky natural: yoga-21 requires a lot of diligence and strong health. Exercises are performed at a fast pace, the load is maximum, and therefore it not recommended to attend classes yoga 21 people with poor health, or are not prepared for more physical activity.

Kundalini yoga

In recent times, this kind of yoga has become very popular. Kundalini yoga is designed to unleash the potential of man through the “lifting up” of the energy center – Kundalini, which is present in every human being. Kundalini yoga is also quite dynamic. Moreover, the training sessions You will work with your own body, but also will sing mantras. To this we must be mentally prepared, and easier to relate: in the chanting of mantras in Sanskrit there is no “betrayal of their own religion or sectarianism, as many conservative Orthodox citizens. Yoga works with sounds, vibrations. More important than what you eat, and what happens in your body. At the same time, if such a deep immersion in the culture of another nation sickens You, offer to pay attention to other areas.

Yoga B. K. S. Iyengar

As we have mentioned above, Iyengar is a living person who still practices yoga daily and continues to educate a new generation of followers. Iyengar yoga is one of the most popular in the world that can be explained by the traumatic and accessibility of this trend for all ages – from the elderly to children. This yoga is ideal for pregnant women. Although I must admit that a perfect novice in the pregnant state yoga – the least traumatic even such as Iyengar yoga – better to wait until the baby is born. Because yoga changes the body’s hormonal and biochemical level. And experiments during pregnancy a woman shouldn’t be done. Well, if you really want, and obstacles in the form of the threat of pregnancy or no ailments, it is better to go to a very experienced teacher who individually can develop an exercise plan and track equipment for the correct execution of each asana.

The main feature of Iyengar yoga is all this practice is “from simple to complex”. You as a beginner will be able to perform the simplest level asanas. This became possible after the invention of the Iyengar special “helpers”, which is actively used in yoga-Iyengar – blocks for the brace under the back cushions – bolsters, straps for stretching, etc. Iyengar Yoga is not for You if You prefer an active dynamic exercises, high rate or extreme loads. At the same time, if You aim for proper performance, safety and ready to work hard on improving the execution of the asanas, this type of yoga is a real discovery.

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